Lab Members

Marcus Buschbeck, PhD, (he/him)

Group Leader

I have been trained in molecular cancer research and chromatin biology at several institutions that include the Max-Planck-Institute of Biochemistry (Germany), the University of Oxford (UK) and the Center of Genomic Regulation (Spain).

Since 2009, I have been combining these two fields in my own group. I enjoy collaborating with scientists from different disciplines and to find new ways to explore the unknown. I firmly believe that basic and applied research can learn a lot from each other.

In my free time I like to be active and outside. I best relax in full movement. Climbing a mountain gives me joy.

David Corujo , PhD, (he/him)

Post Doctoral Fellow

I have been trained in biochemistry and molecular biology in the University of Barcelona and obtained a PhD in Genetics by the University of Barcelona for my work developed in the group of Marcus Buschbeck at the Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute.

My interest is focused on understanding chromatin regulation at a molecular level through epigenetic factors and 3D structure and its implications in physiology and disease. I combine work in the wet lab with programming and bioinformatic analysis.

Outside of the lab, I like to cook, read, play the bass, play videogames and boardgames, dance, skate and generally enjoy the process of learning new things

Jeannine Diesch , PhD, (she/her)

Post Doctoral Fellow

I was trained in molecular biology and genomics in Ulm (Germany), the University of Melbourne (Australia) and the PeterMac Callum Cancer Centre (Australia).

Since 2015, I am working in Marcus Buschbeck’s lab at the IJC, examining the chromatin regulation and its association with drug response/resistance in myelodysplastic syndromes and acute myeloid leukemia. I like to spend my free time with the family and in the nature.

Iris Uribesalgo, PhD, (she/her)

Project manager

I hold a degree and a PhD in Biomedicine from the Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona), and have more than 14 years of research experience in international leading institutes such as the Center of Genomic Regulation (CRG, Barcelona) and the Institute for Molecular Biotechnology (IMBA, Vienna).

In recent years, I have channelled my research experience to focus on other aspects of science, acting as a grant writer and consultant for European and international projects and as scientific writer. In addition, I am the project manager of the Innovative Training Network (ITN) INTERCEPT-MDS. I especially enjoy connecting people and ideas, identifying unmet needs and delivering effective training.

In my free time I like to be active outside and I go climbing regularly. I love the theatre both as a spectator and a performer, and writing. I also enjoy gardening and DIY.

René Winkler , PhD
Post Doctoral Fellow

I studied biology and biochemistry at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena in Germany. Back then, I became interested in mouse models of lymphoid malignancies and how disease manifestation could be prevented. In 2018, I completed my PhD studies, being supported by a PhD scholarship from the Carl-Zeiss Foundation.

As a postdoc, I qualified in academic teaching which leveraged my interaction with students and the supervision of research projects. The concept of epigenetic plasticity, and how pharmacological targeting influences epigenetics in cancer became one of my main topics. I joined the Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute in 2020 to become part of a community of researchers aiming for curing blood cancers.

Currently, I am investigating new approaches for the treatment of myelodysplastic syndromes as a Walter Benjamin fellow of the German Research Foundation (DFG).

Marina Farkas, PhD, (she/her)
Post Doctoral Fellow

I have earned my Master`s degree in Molecular Biology at the University of Zagreb in Croatia and my Ph.D. in Biochemistry at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, USA. Throughout my career, I have been dedicated to investigating molecular determinants of cell fate decision-making processes. During my graduate studies, I characterized novel mechanisms of p53 genomic selectivity which are guiding the p53-regulated life vs. death choice. I am currently focused on deciphering the role of highly unique macroH2A histone variants in another crucial fate-imposing process – self-determination and cell differentiation.
I enjoy traveling and meeting people from all around the world. What excites me most is learning world history, absorbing different cultures, and scrutinizing current world politics. When I want to truly relax, I enjoy watching NBA and NFL games, as well as taking long walks and coffee dates with my partner and our pup.

Oliver Meers, MSc, (he/them)

PhD student

I was trained in molecular and cellular biology in France. In this time, I had an Erasmus in Dublin and did three internships, the first in Limoges on EBV viruses, the second in Toulouse focusing on cardiac hypertrophy signalling pathways and the last and most fascinating in Perth, Australia on the basic understanding of paraspeckles, a nuclear body built on a complex association of arcRNA and proteins.

My work focuses on the unstructured linker domain of macroH2A and understanding how it effects nuclear architecture and gene expression. I like to work on the fundamental ways our cells work, and how molecular partners interact, especially within a compartment as complex as the nucleus.

Outside of the lab, I love cooking, swimming, and cycling. I enjoy learning new things like languages and conducting my own experiments like my sourdough and kombucha. Soon, I will try my hand at brewing beer.

Eve Dias, MSc , (she/her)

PhD student, INTERCEPT-MDS fellow

I’ve studied biological engineering and biotechnology in France and I’ve been trained in very different fields through internships from Buenos Aires to Madrid, Lisbon and Berlin.

I’m currently doing my PhD trying to uncover new genes involved in myeloid diseases with high-throughput methods. I’m very interested in the drug development process from basic research to how it can translate to clinical research.

In my free time, I love to travel and spend time near the sea, surf if I can or just discover something new.

Shubhra Bhattacharya, MSc, (she/her)

PhD student, INTERCEPT-MDS fellow

My bachelors degree was in Biochemistry after which l did a dual masters degree in bioinformatics and biotechnology. I was a research assistant at National Center Biological Science (NCBS), Bangalore, India where I was using genomic methods for identifying key molecular players in brain disorders.

My interest lies in answering biological questions using computational approaches in myelodysplatic disorder (MDS), especially using high dimensional datasets with the overall aim for disease interception.

Overall, I like to learn something new everyday,science or otherwise.

Outside the lab I like to read mostly literary fiction, watch movies, get to know about diverse cultures and talk about The Office with my friends.

Vanesa Valero , PhD, (she/her)
Lab Technician

I have been trained in Pathological Anatomy and Cytology in Barcelona. I started working in the field of Molecular Biology in Dra. Mercé Pérez group at the Oncology Research Institute (IRO, Barcelona). Then, I worked at the Catalan Oncology Institute (ICO, Barcelona) performing diagnostics and initiating the BIOBANC project, a biological bank of different samples from oncological patients. After that, I decided to move to the group of Dr. Josep Baselga (VHIO, Barcelona) to work in a research environment again, which is my principal interest. After working a few months in a private company (ORYZON GENOMICS, Barcelona), since 2009 I am a Lab Technician at the group of Dr. Marcus Buschbeck where I support different research projects and perform laboratory management tasks.
I like sharing my free time with my family and friends.

Angela Orso, B.Sc, (she/her)
Master’s student

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