Lab Life

16. March 2023 – We welcome Júlia Ledesma Vázquez to the group. Júlia is training as research technician and will be supervised by Vanesa Valero and René Winkler.

12.-16. March 2023 – Part of the lab travels to Florence for the 4th INTERCEPT-MDS retreat. Valeria Santini is our amazing hosts and shares her love for the florentine culture and food.

14. March 2023 – Double recognition for the lab from the the Spanish Cancer Association (FC AECC). Jeannine receives a prestigious career development award for her studies on accelerating drug repositioning in hematologic malignancies. The lab receives a research grant to study the targeting of the bone marrow microenvironment in MDS. This project will be co-led by René.

1. March 2023 – Marcus is coordinating the in-house MSCA postdoc program CarrerasLeaders. Today the call and website went life. The twitter handle is @carrerasleaders. Feel free to check it out.

29. January 2023 – Hiking time! Part of the lab climbed la Trona in the near-by mountains Cingles de Berti.

16. January 2023 – Welcome, Jonathan! Jonathan is joining us from the University Freiburg and after a stay at the Novartis Institute of BioMedical Research in Basel. Under the co-supervision of the postdoc Marina Farkas, Jonathan will dissect the connection between histone variants and metabolism.

4. January 2023 – We welcome Maki Sakuma from the Munich Leukemia Laboratory (MLL) to the lab. As a secondment of INTERCEPT-MDS network, Maki will spend two months in our lab working with Shubhra on a pipeline integrating the analysis of sequencing data for better diagnostics.

2. December 2022 – Early Christmas Dinner at Monika’s and Marcus’ place.

14. November 2022 – Informative and fun learning at IRB Barcelona conference ‘Quantitative dynamics of aging and premalignancy’. Eve and Shubhra attended and presented their posters.

2. November 2022 Angela Orso joins us as master’s student. She will be working with Jeannine on finding new combinational drug treatments for myeloid malingancies.

02. October 2022 – Sven de Pourcq from @UNI_FIRENZE is currently spending his intercept_mds secondment in our lab. Supervised by Jeannine Diesch and david , Sven is learning CUT&RUN and how to analyze drug response in cell cultures.

28. August 2022 – Several members of the lab joined the Spetses Summer School on Cancer Epigenetics from August 28 to September 3 that was organised by us for the MSCA ITN INTERCEPT-MDS. EMBL directrice Edith Heard gave one of the keynote lectures.

21. June 2022 – David publishes his paper describing how macroH2A modulates the response of cancer cells to inflammatory signalling.

Spring 2022 – The annual photo shoot on the roof-top terrace of IJC on a sunny day.

2021 – Thanks a lot for many great moments.

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