Roberto Malinverni
Senior bioinformatician, 2011-2022
Moved to Project Leader at Sequentia Biotech, Spain.
Roberto taught us the importance of statistics, contributed to virtually all projects in the lab and last-authored our most cited paper (Gel et al., 2015, Bioinformatics).

Iva Guberovic
PhD student 2016-2021
Moved to postdoc at Harvard Medical School, USA.
As a part of the MSCA ChroMe ITN, Iva was interested in studying chromatin metabolite sensing. By solving the first crystal structure in the lab, she studied how did the interaction of histone variants and metabolites change during evolution.

Ainhoa Perez Lopez
Trainee and Interim research technician, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022
Moved to the Autonomous University of Barcelona to study biology.érez-lópez-0189a3245/
Ainhoa has supported us on so many different occasions and that it is difficult to point out a single research line.

Laura Amoedo
Master student and research assistant 2020-2021
Moved to Technician position at the Baculovirus Production Unit at uniQure, Amsterdam, NL.
With Laura and her co-supervisor Iva, we have seen the first neurons grow in the lab. Curious what we will be able to find out.

Michael Maher
PhD student 2016-2020
Moved to clinical trial management at Suvoda, Spain.
Through the MSCA ITN ChroMe, Michael developed an interest in fatty acid metabolism in leukemia and identified two new leukemia cell lines now available at DSMZ.

Marguerite-Marie Le Pannérer
PhD student 2017-2022
Moved to therapeutic antibody discovery at Kymab Ltd, a Sanofi company, UK.
During her PhD Marguerite-Marie moved from basic research in chromatin looping and repeat elements to the translational analysis of determinants of drug response in leukemia.

Raquel Casquero Galindo 
Lab technician 2017-2020
Moved to another technician position within the IJC. 
Raquel was instrumental in getting our translational research started by doing drug-response experiments, processing primary bone marrow samples, writing protocols, helping to establish patient sample circuits and much more.  

Sarah Hurtado-Bagès
Master student and PhD student 2014-2019
Moved to science communication as CEO and cofounder of scisters.editions.ès-ph-d-b09a20103/
Sarah took on the challenge to close our first big study on the link between metabolism and histone variants and initiated the study of its evolutionary origins.

Julien Douet
Postdoc 2009-2017
Moved to Merck, Switzerland
Julien made the groundbreaking discovery that macroH2A, despite being a component of only 1% of nucleosomes, has a major influence on how the genome distributes in the nucleus. This observation is still keeping us busy.

Anna Palau
PhD student 2011-2016
Moved to postdoc at Karolinska Institutet, Sweden.
When moving to the Carreras Institute, it was Anna who drove the group’s transition from embryonic stem cells to leukemia.

Neus Cantariño
Master student and preclinical researcher 2010-2015
Moved to project management at TransPerfect, Spain.
Neus generated a cell line model for cancer transformation, now available at DSMZ, and got us interested in citrullination.

Melanija Posavec Marjanovic
PhD student and postdoc 2009-2014
Moved to postdoc at Ruđer Bošković Institute, Croatia.
Mel made the seminal observation that a histone variant can influence metabolism and came up with a hypothesis explaining it.

Catherine Creppe
Postdoc 2009 – 2013
Moved to postdoc at University of Brussels, Belgium.
Catherine published our first fully independent study and was the lab’s pioneer in stem cell biology.

Marta Soler
Lab manager 2009-2010
Moved to become the institute’s general lab manager, IMPPC, Spain.
Marta was daring enough to be the first to join the lab and did a great job getting us up and running.

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