We are coordinating the MSCA ITN INTERCEPT-MDS. Through doctoral training, we test the possibility to intercept disease by removing diseased cells at the early asymptomatic or less symptomatic phase.

We are members of EpiGene3Sys. This CNRS-funded networking project coordinated by Geneviève Almouzni at Institute Curie and aims to connect the chromatin community in Europe. It is a follow-up of the last EU network of Excellence. Upcoming events will include a workshop at the Helmholtz Center Munich in 2023 and large conference 2024 in Paris.

We are regular participants in the COST action International Nucleome Consortium (INC) and full members of the related Spanish sister network RedINC. Both networks try to advance our understanding of how the genome is folded in the nuclear space and how this knowledge can be used for applications.

Marcus is coordinating the in-house postdoctoral fellowship program funded through the MSCA COFUND call. This project will fund 16 postdocs that are interested to come to Spain to work with IJC group leaders on collaborative projects relevant for blood cancers.

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