Lab values

Our group endorses a set of core values that we have agreed on together. These values guide our daily decision-making process and define how we interact with each other in the team and with everyone outside.

COMMUNICATION – We openly communicate. We rather share too much than too little information and aim for transparency when making decisions. We enjoy open and honest discussions.

HONESTY – No matter what happened, just let everyone else know and we will sort it out together. Speak up and say what you truly think, even if it is unpopular and opposed to the PI’s established way of thinking.

TRUSTWORTHINESS – If we say we do it, you can count on it 100%. We aim for excellent results of high quality and provide our level of confidence when making statements. We rather invest extra time in a second experimental approach than claiming something we are not sure off.

MUTUAL SUPPORT – We help each other with advice, collaboration and open discussion without sacrificing our individual priorities.

RESPECT – At the very centre of our values is respect for each other. No matter the situation, we treat each other and everyone else with respect. We are inclusive, cherish our differences and approach each other with empathy.

The above photo was taken from the white board at the end of the group meeting on Thursday 12th of January 2023 when we revised our core values. They are now on our pin-wall.

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