Histone variants, Cancer, Drug targets, and what else we are interested in

Epigenetic information is written in chromatin.

But how exactly do epigenetic mechanisms operate on the molecular level? How does the environment influence these processes? How does nuclear metabolism impact chromatin structure and the cell’s epigenetic memory?

These are the questions we address in the lab. We combine basic research and applied research. In our basic research, we like to dissect molecular mechanisms of chromatin regulation and evaluate if this knowledge has an application in cancer. We have a long-standing interest in histone variants with macrodomains. In our more applied projects, we screen for novel drug targets for blood cancers and to understand their molecular mode of action.

Our keywords are: histone variants, macroH2A, drug targets, leukemia, 3D genome, chromatin regulation, myelodysplastic syndromes, … .

The group in February 2023 in front of the IJC headquarter building.

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